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Paying out to Your US Bank Account
Paying out to Your US Bank Account
Updated yesterday

Follow the following steps to payout to your US Bank account.

Bank account payouts in the US may be available for instant payouts over RTP.

1. Select Bank Account as the Payout Method

2. Connect Your Account Via Plaid

Click "Connect new account"

Follow the steps to connect your account with Plaid. If you are unable to connect your account via Plaid please follow the steps at the end.

3. Ensure the Information is correct

If the information is correct, select whether or not you would like to save the payout method as your default payout method and if you would like to be automatically paid out to this account. Then, click "Save Settings".

4. Confirm the Payout

Lastly, click "Withdraw" to complete the payout.

Connecting your Bank Account Manually

If bank account connection via Plaid doesn't work for you, you can connect your bank account manually by clicking the "Enter information manually" button.

Enter in the account and routing number from your bank account and then click "Save".

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